Cat Finnie : About Me

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Cat Finnie is a freelance illustrator, living in London, UK. She enjoys creating colourful digital illustrations in a decorative, conceptual style. Her work often brings in an element of the surreal as she is interested in creating images with a dreamlike quality - a sense of ambiguity and the mysterious.

Cat is interested in illustrating for a wide range of topics, but particularly for anything related to philosophy, psychology, literature or film, language, fresh perspectives.

Cat attended Nottingham Trent University, receiving a First Class BA(hons) in Graphic Design; she has worked in illustration and design since then, and has freelanced since 2011. Her clients include: BBC Science Focus, Medium, Longreads, Culture Night Belfast, Tortoise Media, Which? Magazine, Macmillan, and The Guardian.

Cat's design for animation clients include: Nexus Studios, Animade, Future Deluxe (LA), Made By Radio, Shotopop, Like Minded, and Finger Industries.

Cat is proud to be represented by Us Folk and to be a current member of the Association of Illustrators.

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